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1609 East Bell Rd.Suite B-2
Phoenix Arizona. 85022
T: (602) 493 - 0715
appt: (602) 301 - 8720
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Marianne Apr 9, 2013

I have truly enjoyed my experience with Mike. I have spent many years struggling with weight loss. However my time wIth him has been the one Time. Where I have lost weight and kept it off. The thing that sets him apart from most trainers is that he truly cares about your progress , keeps you motivated, and takes the time to educate. I also appreciate the fact he cares about your nutrition as well. I highly recommend his services

Tamara Apr 8, 2013

Mike is one of the best personal trainers in Arizona. If you are serious and you want results, call Mike!

Danielle Apr 8, 2013

I have been training with Mike for 6 months now and he has pushed me and my friend Ann harder than we ever imagined. Unlike some trainers Mike is in shape and actually looks like a trainer should.. I recommend his services highly!!

Vishank Apr 8, 2013

Mike is a great trainer who really pays attention to detail and really cares. When I started with him I was 195lbs. and I lost 50 pounds in 3 and a half months following his diet and program

Penny Apr 5, 2013

Ultimate Fitness is a place that is more then just a gym. It offers a comfortable atmosphere, caring trainer and allows for individuals with various fitness goals to train for fun or purpose. I've been training with Mike for a couple years and he has helped me to get my body in shape and to reach my fitness goals. Mike is there to guide me and continually encourage me in my weight loss journey.

Ana L Apr 5, 2013

Best decision I ever made! I have to admit at first was a bit intimidated to go to the gym because at the time I was not doing much physical activity. However from the very beginning Mike made feel very comfortable and always celebrated my small accomplishments, like when I was finally able to do plank without falling on my face within a couple of seconds! Thanks for all that you do for me Mr. its time to pull the pony :-)

Ana Apr 4, 2013

Mike is by far the best trainer I have ever seen

Sabina Carol Mar 31, 2013

I want to acknowledge thanks to Mike he is an amazing Trainer I went to Mike about 2 months ago with legs that needed a lot of work I was getting ready to compete at the Sacramento California Governor's Cup Mike worked miracles and he bought my legs from nothing to amazing I never expected the results that I got...I will :)always be grateful and thankful to Mike for everything that he has done

Izzy Mar 6, 2013

Mike is a great trainer!! From the initial meeting where goals are set to the education of using the workout machines and the actual workouts... I am very pleased with him.. I feel more endurance and stronger already and have lost 24 pounds in a little over 2 months.

Todd Mar 5, 2013

This is my second time working out with Mike. First time was to prep for my wedding. He got my wife and me in the best shape we have ever been. This time around he's doing the same thing. Definitely worth it. Best training I've experienced in the valley.

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