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1609 East Bell Rd.Suite B-2
Phoenix Arizona. 85022
T: (602) 493 - 0715
appt: (602) 301 - 8720
W: www.ultimatefitnessaz.com
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Quality Fitness Training- It is important to understand that personal fitness trainers are not all equal in their abilities. Your Phoenix personal trainer, Mike Harris, is currently certified by the leading fitness agencies specializing in fitness, nutrition and health. Besides his credentials as a personal trainer, Mike has many years of personal experience in the fitness related field and has held many bodybuilding tiltles such as Mr Arizona!!!!

Affordable Rates – With our rates, private fitness training can be a part of any lifestyle at any budget. Imagine how great you will feel having a quality Phoenix area personal fitness trainer working with you.
Personal & Caring Attention You Deserve – Our personal training studio is private. We are not a gym or health club, we simply provide personal fitness sessions – That’s it. You will not compete with lines, crowds or distractions. 100% or your session is dedicated to your workout.
Constant Support & Guidance – Some trainers limit your personal training experience to the time spent at each session. With Ultimate Fitness, you get much more without paying any additional fees. Some of the services offered include unlimited access to our online members area as well as unlimited email coaching.
Enjoyable Routines – Are you looking for a fun, effective and proven to work system that guarantees your personal fitness success? Well, here you will always find a routine that is not only challenging, but lots of fun. We are constantly mixing ideas and training methods to bring you innovative training programs.
A Friendly Atmosphere – This easy going environment is something that you are sure to like. When you come in for your session you will always feel welcome in this warm and caring atmosphere.
No Contracts!!! – Come in and simply pay as you go.
No Hidden Fees – Here at Ultimate Fitness, you will never ever pay for a session that you miss or cancel. We do not require advanced notice or a security deposit – that’s nonsense. Here, you will only pay for sessions that you attend.
Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed – How could we do this? It’s simple. If ever you are not totally happy with a session, for whatever reason, just let us know that same day and there will not be any charge. You just can not beat that.
You Can Get Started With Minimal Investment– Why not follow a program that has already helped many individuals from various backgrounds achieve great fitness? Our system is based upon a time tested and proven method that guarantees your success.
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