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>Strength & Fitness Training
>Fat loss / Weight Loss
>Exercise Instruction
>Resistance Training
>Cardiovascular Training
>Body Fat Analysis
>Measurement Tracking
>Core Conditioning Training
>Body Fat Analysis
>Children Day care

>Improve your overall fitness

 >Private Environment
 >Increased motivation
 >Emphasis on proper technique
 >Accelerated results
 >Decreased risk of injury
 >No time wasted




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1609 East Bell Rd.Suite B-2
Phoenix Arizona. 85022
T: (602) 493 - 0715
appt: (602) 301 - 8720
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                                                 12 Week and 16 Week Programs Available


The Get Ripped and cut Program is designed for those who want to get in super lean condition including a six pack. You will be taken through the workouts that bodybuilders use to get ripped for competitions. The diet plan is also a big part and will be included!


This Program Includes:

•Custom meal plan
•Supplement Guide
•Advanced training



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